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This is an innovative formula combining the pour of natural elements and coenzyme Q10.  Has rose oil. Face creams are working to revive the cells elasticity and regeneration. The day cream has UVA+UVB sunscreen, also when used daily, reduces any pigmentation and eliminates it. The lifting serum consists vitamin E, has supporting affect based on coffeein and sea-weeds. The around the eye serum is hydrating deeply into the skin when eliminates dark orbits, signs from sleepless nights and appearance of puffiness. It gives your eyes a sparkle.

The day parts of this set are made with rose water, the night cream and around the eyes serum have rose oil.


What is included: Day sunscreen cream 50ml, Night anti-wrinkle cream 30ml, Around the eyes anti-wrinkle serum 30 ml, Lifting serum 30 ml, Deep cleansing gel 150 ml, Hands cream 75 ml.  

NO parabens, NO silicon, NO mineral oils, NO artificial colorants

Anti-wrinkle care complex

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