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Because it is cosmetics created according to the latest trends and active ingredients to fight wrinkles. Formulations are balanced for the particular skin type, tested and designed to reduce your wrinkles! With our products you will feel the comfort of good and quality cosmetics and most will feel younger and more beautiful! What's in cosmetics REGAL Q10 + Anti-Wrinkle and why?

REGAL Q10+ Normal to Mixed type skin

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  • 50 ml

    Intensive hydrating formulation with UV-filter, which protects the skin from photo-aging.
    Coenzyme Q10 actively stimulates the natural cell functions of the skin and helps smoothing the wrinkles. The rice extract, rich of amino acids and minerals, moisturizes, calms and energizes the skin. Shea butter and Allantoin give a vital moisture.

    APPLICATION: In the morning apply to the face and neck, avoiding the areas around the eyes.

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