7 soap loaves are included in this set

Dream to Fly:

A bouquet of fresh lilac and lilly in every bar wrapped up in our luxurious blend of oils and mango butter.  Their aroma is spellbinding.
Our soaps vary to approx. 5.8oz.  Cut a bar in half and enjoy this pleasure in two rooms.  All of our soaps arrive to you in organza mesh bags.  Take the soap out and enjoy a beautifully scented bag for loose things in your home or car.  Or just leave it out to fill your bathroom with a garden of joy in every breath.


A mysterious, sweet aroma made from earth, fire and mystery.  Notes of amber, patchouli, rose and sandalwood blends with nuances of jasmine and citrus to bring out subtle spice undertones.  Distilled memories of Salem Massachusetts during October... Of cool fall mornings near the House of Seven Gables on Derby Street.
Our soaps vary slightly in weight to 5.8oz.  The rich brown hue comes naturally from our mysterious oil blend.  We use activated charcoal which has high absorptive powers, which means it draws and bonds itself to impurities.

Contaminants and skin toxins are chemically trapped and locked into the carbon molecule.

Warm Spring Morning

All natural color from the nettle plant and activated charcoal swirling through the top.  Rich earthy aroma of mingling rosemary and eucalyptus essential oils swirl together to create the essence of sunshine and green energy.  Indulgent moisturizing coconut and olive oils to keep your skin soft and smooth.  Made with a deep rosemary and warm eucalyptus essential oil blend.  

We cut our soaps by hand and each one of these varies from 5.8 ounces.  Cut one of our soaps in half and enjoy the luxury twice as long or in two different rooms. Enjoy the decadence.  Enjoy the luxury.  Enjoy the creamy attention we put into everything we create.  A little bit of art in every bar.  Try something new next time or return to the warm rich earthy scent of Rosemary-Nettle when you bath with this luxurious skin experience.

Moonlight over Morocco

Moonlight over Morocco is back and better than ever!  We've increased all of the essential and fragrance oils to give you a sense of travel to the exotic without ever leaving the comfort of home.  We also added Cedarwood essential oil to our blend of rich Sandalwood.

Narmineh (Persian: Narr-mean- ahh means beautiful)

We completely redesigned the aromatherapy blend of essential oils for our beautiful Narmineh.  It is our secret blend of captivating, aphrodisiac aroma of spices from the Silk Road:  Coriander, Juniper, Orange, Palmarosa, Geranium, Cardamon, Patchouli, Nutmeg, Frankincense, Amyris, Calendula and Rosewood.
Narmineh translates as 'delicate, gentle and beautiful' in the ancient sand swept language of Persia.  We use all natural tumeric root powder to emulate the shifting hues of sunlight on sand.  Every bar is different in this artistic impression of sand swirl Persia dunes but the same delicious fragrance combination is locked in with every experience.

Leaves n'Twigs

What was once reserved for only friends and family is now being offered to everyone.  Introducing 'LEAVES N' TWIGS', a line of soaps made from little bits of everything.  The fragrances are always varied combinations of multiple lines and no two bars are ever the same.  Each bar is 5.8 ounces+ of our luxurious blend of coconut, olive, grape seed oil and mango butter.  All of our colors are 100% natural herbs, clays, charcoal, etc., 
Perfect for a decorative powder room setting and each bar will fill a room with fragrance.  Plus, every bar of our hand made soap is a luxurious spa indulgence of 5% extra creamy mango butter.  Bathing evolved into fine art with every soap design from the artists of Waterfall Glen Soap Company.
'Leaves n'Twigs' are a wonderful addition to every guest bath or powder room.

Incognito Noir - zero fragrance

So, we made a great one without fragrance and enhanced it with activted charcoal and salt from the Dead Sea.  All of the wonderful richness in our 6 oil blend resulting in a skin soothing 55% olive oil bar plus an infusion of Dead Sea salt for a mineral bonanza for your skin.

Soaps Arrangement


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