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Less chemicals, More Beauty

About us

Rozalina is your trusted provider of beauty products and accessories. If you are like me and are tired of trying different products, Rozalina has the solution for you. We stock a variety of body, skin care and beauty products which are meant to provide your skin with the kind of nourishment it needs to stay healthy and looking young.

I use the product myself, just like most women, I was skeptical about using the products but when I tried them out, they became part of my life. I am a living testimony that they work. I have been able to get rid of aging marks, my skin is healthy and I look younger than I did ten years ago. My life is happier and satisfying, courtesy of these skin care and beauty products. I am bringing something I have used and trusted, products that have provided me with what I have always wanted, a youthful look, healthy skin and a spotless face. I encourage all aging women to try out the products, and discover for themselves the beauty of having healthy, spotless and smooth skin.

How I started

After using the products and finding that they were giving me the kind of results that I’ve always desired I want to share my results with women the world over who are facing similar challenges. I started by delivering to a few companies that wanted to give them as perks to their employees. I used that network to reach out to more customers with the feedback I received from my customers inspiring me to open an online shop so that I can reach more women, with that my Rozalina shop was born.

Quality and safe

Our products not only provide healthy and smooth skin but also guarantee you safety. You may have encountered some not-so-pleasant experiences with some of the skin care products that you have used in the past. We guarantee that our products are made of natural ingredients, safe for your skin and the environment too. They are all sourced from manufacturers who have maintained high quality standards while ensuring that the products that they provide are safe for human use and also for the environment.

Great team

We are a team of beauty and skin care enthusiasts ready to provide you with products which will make a difference in your life. We love what we do, and having direct contact with our customers as we aim to provide products which will help them stay healthy, young and elegant.

We aim to create easy access and convenience, provide beauty and skin care products that inspire and make a difference in your life.

We invite you to order from us; we are already accepting Christmas orders.

We also accept custom orders as well as give discounts on large orders, just email us and we will get you what you need. We are giving gifts and discounts to our customers. Experience the difference with our quality and safe skin care and beauty products.

Our Ingredients:

  • Natural.

  • Clean.

  • Paraben free.

  • Fresh.

  • Rich in consistency.

  • Innovative.

  • From selected regions.

  • Genetically NOT modified sources.

  • Not on animals tested.

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