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For fast skin regeneration and skin smoothness

This set includes day cream 50 ml, night cream 30 ml and Lifting Anti-Wrinkle Serum 30 ml, hands creak, PH balancing face washing gel, body hydrating cream.
Both: face creams and serum are made with extract from Mediterranean olives, A+E vitamins, hyaluronic active anti-wrinkle.

This set of products restores elasticity to the skin. It delivers deep and long-lasting moist to the skin. The olive oil content has an anti-oxidant effect which makes skin look younger and prevents premature skin-ageing.

The serum has light consistence and also includes hyaluronic acid for stronger skin lifting effect.

All products have deep penetration into the skin which guarantees their visible effect onto the skin surface almost immediately. They are revival for any face skin type.

NO parabens, NO silicon, NO mineral oils, NO artificial collorants 


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$63.65Sale Price
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